A Blonde’s Guide to San Francisco

Ahh, San Francisco. One of my favorite cities in the whole world. If you have never been, add it to your bucket list.

Here is a list of must do and see things while in San Francisco.

Walk across, under, and around the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, do all three, it’s majestic from all angles.

Hike up Lombard Street!

By hike, I mean climb… that hill will have you out of breath and crawling to the top before you know it, but look at the view at the top!

You can’t leave San Francisco without taking the Ferry to Alcatraz.

Buy your tickets online ahead of time, it’s cheaper and more convenient since ticket lines are long at the pier. Make sure you print them out!

Once you arrive on Alcatraz you will be directed to head to the top of the prison to grab a headset for a self guided tour. The audio tour is amazing and I actually felt like an Alcatraz expert when I left.

Now go act like a tourist, since that’s exactly what you are, and walk around Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. Touristy areas aren’t really my style but it’s definitely something everyone should see at least once. There are usually a bunch of sea lions that hangout and sun bathe on the empty floating docks on the water and there are endless places to buy souvenirs and catch a bite to eat.

Next, visit the Coit Tower and go up to the top!

This should be done early in the morning, or on a weekday because the line will be at least an hour just to get into the elevator to go to the top.

It’s really windy up there, but it offers panoramic views of San Francisco.

Also, keep in mind, Coit Tower is located on top of steep hill and all cab/uber drivers hate driving up there when it’s busy. So be prepared to walk up or down that hill.

Visit Golden Gate Park.

This park is huge! It sort of reminds me of Central Park in New York except you can drive through most of Golden Gate Park.

Oh, and be prepared to see Buffalo roaming around in the park!

Don’t forget to walk through China Town!

Everyone loves a good China Town full of shopping and authentic Chinese cuisine.

One thing I highly recommend, if you really want to see the city, is rent a GoCar. These bright yellow motorcycle type vehicles are the strangest yet, most fun thing to do in this city. It offers an audio tour via gps so it explains everything you drive past and also gives you turn by turn directions. Everyone will stare at you, but who cares? It’s fun!

Something to note: You can easily find a coupon on your smartphone which can save you about $25 off the rental.

There is so much to do and see in San Francisco. I know I didn’t even cover half of all the possibilities on what you can do. However, if you’re ever there, I hope this guide helped you!

Let me know what you have done in San Francisco!

xoxo, The Nifty Blonde


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