DIY Ring Toss


As you all already know, I am in the process of planning a wedding. The first step in the wedding planning process is to announce our engagement to our friends and family. So we're throwing an engagement party at my future "in-law's" backyard. I'm a sucker for a backyard BBQ. Everyone gathers around with good food and booze and lets not forget about the back yard games to go along with it!

The first thing to pop in my head was the game, 'ring toss', and I figured I'd create it myself. This was such an easy DIY project.

It can be finished in one rainy Central Florida afternoon, and it all cost under $40.

Supply List:

  • 14 empty wine bottles (can be substituted for 32 oz beer bottles)
  • 2 medium wooden crates
  • chalk paint
  • sandpaper
  • brushes
  • tarp
  • 8 wooden needle point hoops
  • ribbon

Step One:


Fill up your kitchen sink with hot water. As hot as you can get it! Add some fabric softener and baking soda to the water and let the bottles soak for approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once they're done soaking the labels will scrape right off with a knife. Don't worry about any left over "goo" from the adhesive label, the chalk paint is so thick you won't be able to tell if  any is left on the bottles.

Step Two:

Lay down a tarp and start painting your bottles. I used Martha Stewart's Vintage Decor Chalk Paint in the colors, 'Wedding' and 'Smoke'. I painted 7 bottles in each color. After about 10 minutes add 1 more coat of paint. Its okay if you see brush strokes in the paint, it turns out looking great! I was going for the distressed look on my bottles to add a little rustic charm.

Step Three:


Once all the bottles are completely dry, take the sandpaper and add some scuffs around the edges of the bottles to give them that rustic distressed look, make sure to not over do it or you'll find yourself re-painting the bottles.

Step Four:

I used 4" needle point hoops that I purchased for about $1 and some change at Michael's. I took off the outer wooden ring and used the inner hoop for my rings and wrapped them in a pretty ribbon.

Step Five:


Put the bottles in the crates and have at it! These crates are from Michael's. There the medium size and can fit up to 8 wine bottles each.


Let me know if you've ever tried to make something like this or have ever played ring toss! It's actually harder than it looks.

Later blondies.


The Nifty Blonde