Artistic Streets of Orlando

As you all know I am an Orlando native. I have lived in Orlando the majority of my not so long life. When most people think Orlando, they think Disney. Yes, we are the home of Walt Disney World, and if you think I go to Disney every moment I get, then yes, you are absolutely correct. 

No, I am not here to talk about Disney. I’m here to talk about art. If you know me, you know I love art, and you would also know I love a good “basic white girl” photo in front of street art. If you are into art and are visiting Orlando and have a chance to get away from the horrific tourist side of town, be sure to scout out these awesome murals that you can find all over my colorful city.

While you’re out and about taking pictures in front of random walls, you’ll probably get hungry. So be sure to check out my favorite local restaurant guide here

Ric Sosa. Location: The Center, 946 N. Mills.
Pho Hoa, 649 E. Primrose Drive
Andrew Spear, #Wingstowalls mural for Red Bull, N. Mills Avenue and Lake Highland Drive
Dolla $hort, Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.
Horsebites, at Se7en Bites, 207 N. Primrose Drive
Andrew Spear, Hideaway Bar, 516 Virginia Drive
Andrew Spear, Sam Flax, 1800 E. Colonial Drive
“Milk Wings” by DelaCruz, Milk District Orlando, 2424 E. Robinson St.
The Milk Bar Mural, Harmonious Universe project, 2424 E. Robinson St.
“The Princess of Orlando” Orlando City Soccer Club mural by Dr. Ze at Dexter’s, 808 E. Washington St.
The West Art District, 1011 W. Central Blvd 
Thornton Park Parking Garage 120 N. Eola Drive

These are just a few great areas to go see! Enjoy your self-guided art tour of Orlando! Till next time blondies! 


The Nifty Blonde


A Blonde’s Guide to San Francisco

Ahh, San Francisco. One of my favorite cities in the whole world. If you have never been, add it to your bucket list.

Here is a list of must do and see things while in San Francisco.

Walk across, under, and around the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, do all three, it’s majestic from all angles.

Hike up Lombard Street!

By hike, I mean climb… that hill will have you out of breath and crawling to the top before you know it, but look at the view at the top!

You can’t leave San Francisco without taking the Ferry to Alcatraz.

Buy your tickets online ahead of time, it’s cheaper and more convenient since ticket lines are long at the pier. Make sure you print them out!

Once you arrive on Alcatraz you will be directed to head to the top of the prison to grab a headset for a self guided tour. The audio tour is amazing and I actually felt like an Alcatraz expert when I left.

Now go act like a tourist, since that’s exactly what you are, and walk around Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf. Touristy areas aren’t really my style but it’s definitely something everyone should see at least once. There are usually a bunch of sea lions that hangout and sun bathe on the empty floating docks on the water and there are endless places to buy souvenirs and catch a bite to eat.

Next, visit the Coit Tower and go up to the top!

This should be done early in the morning, or on a weekday because the line will be at least an hour just to get into the elevator to go to the top.

It’s really windy up there, but it offers panoramic views of San Francisco.

Also, keep in mind, Coit Tower is located on top of steep hill and all cab/uber drivers hate driving up there when it’s busy. So be prepared to walk up or down that hill.

Visit Golden Gate Park.

This park is huge! It sort of reminds me of Central Park in New York except you can drive through most of Golden Gate Park.

Oh, and be prepared to see Buffalo roaming around in the park!

Don’t forget to walk through China Town!

Everyone loves a good China Town full of shopping and authentic Chinese cuisine.

One thing I highly recommend, if you really want to see the city, is rent a GoCar. These bright yellow motorcycle type vehicles are the strangest yet, most fun thing to do in this city. It offers an audio tour via gps so it explains everything you drive past and also gives you turn by turn directions. Everyone will stare at you, but who cares? It’s fun!

Something to note: You can easily find a coupon on your smartphone which can save you about $25 off the rental.

There is so much to do and see in San Francisco. I know I didn’t even cover half of all the possibilities on what you can do. However, if you’re ever there, I hope this guide helped you!

Let me know what you have done in San Francisco!

xoxo, The Nifty Blonde

Fall in The Hamptons: A 24 hour itinerary.

Hello Blondies!

The fiancé and I just got back from a quick getaway to The Hamptons. We were there for 2 days in the “off-season” so I thought I’d put together an itinerary for anyone who decides to take a quick day trip if you’re ever in the area and need an idea of what to do since it’s too cold for the beach and most businesses are closed for the season.

Where to stay: Sag Harbor

Sag harbor is a really cute old whaling town. It’s full of history. It is a great central location to stay, especially if you plan on venturing out of the Hamptons and onto the North Fork. We stayed at an AirBnB. Although, there are a few bed and breakfasts and of course, The American Hotel, which is typically booked so good luck getting a room there.

Let’s take a morning stroll through the town of Sag Harbor.

This neighborhood was so cute, I could not stop taking pictures.

Are you hungry? Stop in at the Harbor’s neighborhood market for a fresh organic breakfast or lunch. We realized not very many restaurants were open everyday. So it’s good to know that Harbor Market & Kitchen is open everyday and serves breakfast until 2 o’clock! How cute is this market?! They had everything from omelets, to soft-served ice cream, to wood-oven pizza.

Now that we’ve eaten, time to try some Long Island wine!

There are 3 wineries in The Hamptons, all the other hundreds of wineries are on the North Fork, but since this is just a 1 day itinerary we’re going to stick to our favorite winery by far: Wölffer Estate.

Wölffer Estate Winery is classy yet laid back. They are very proud of their vineyard and you will see the name Wölffer all over the South Fork of Long Island. Call ahead and book a tour, you’ll learn about the history behind Wölffer Estate and actually enjoy how family oriented it really is.

After your tour, sit outside and take in the breathtaking view of the vineyard while drinking wine of course.

Once you’re finished at the vineyard, head into East Hampton for a shopping spree on Main Street.

When you’re done shopping, go for a quick drive into Bridgehampton, drive around and look at all the pretty houses. Walk around get a little lost. Don’t forget to stop in at the Candy Kitchen for the best ice cream sundae you’ll ever have in your life.

If you’ve followed this itinerary to a tee, then by now it should be late afternoon. Take a drive to Montauk and go to Montauk Brewery Company. It’s a long drive (about 35-40 minutes) but it’s a pretty one, so roll your windows down and enjoy the sea breeze. After a few cold ones drive down to the easternmost point of Long Island and watch the sunset at Montauk Point.

This pretty much sums up a day in The Hamptons. Let me know if you’ve ever been! What did you do?

Until next time blondies… xoxo.

8 Items to Never Travel Without

From my experience in traveling, the airplane ride is the worst part. I have found 8 items that I always take with me on an airplane, especially when flying abroad. These items are my carryon essentials.

1. Snacks

Snacks purchased at the airport or on the plane are severely over priced. It is not necessary to spend $5 for mini can of Pringles which won't even keep you satisfied for very long. My favorite snacks to bring on an airplane are protein bars/granola bars, almonds, and of course chocolate.



2. Hand sanitizer 

This is a must, especially when traveling abroad. Airplanes are breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs that can make you sick.


3. Deck of cards

You never know what types of entertainment an airplane might have. Some flights have TVs, some flights do not. I have been on several flights where a deck of cards were my only choice for entertainment. It makes the time go by faster for you and for whomever your are traveling with.


4. A phone charger/Portable charger

Some airlines have outlets at your seat, but I bring a portable one and a regular one. They come in handy if your phone is the only object to keep you entertained for multiple hours. Also, its always best to have a charged phone because nowadays your phone can be your boarding pass or your taxi ride. Also, don't forget to pack your adapter when traveling abroad!


5. A toothbrush

I never fly without a toothbrush. I learned this the hard way after flying 18 straight hours from India back to the United States, the first thing I wanted to do was brush my teeth.


6. Headphones

Headphones are a must for obvious reasons.


7. Travel sized medications

I always carry ibuprofen, Dramamine, and Imodium with me because your body's immune system weakens when traveling. You don't want to be caught not having these 3 staples or it can easily become the longest/worst flight of your life.

images (1)143491113c2e74c7-91d8-42d0-a224-19184a7bc193.jpg.w480

8. A change of clothes/undergarments. 

This is important to have especially when traveling abroad. You wouldn't typically wear the same underwear 2 days in a row, so why would you not want to change them after  18-24 hours of traveling abroad?


What do you all think about these tips? Do you have anything to add? Let me know!

xoxo- The Nifty Blonde