Artistic Streets of Orlando

As you all know I am an Orlando native. I have lived in Orlando the majority of my not so long life. When most people think Orlando, they think Disney. Yes, we are the home of Walt Disney World, and if you think I go to Disney every moment I get, then yes, you are absolutely correct. 

No, I am not here to talk about Disney. I’m here to talk about art. If you know me, you know I love art, and you would also know I love a good “basic white girl” photo in front of street art. If you are into art and are visiting Orlando and have a chance to get away from the horrific tourist side of town, be sure to scout out these awesome murals that you can find all over my colorful city.

While you’re out and about taking pictures in front of random walls, you’ll probably get hungry. So be sure to check out my favorite local restaurant guide here

Ric Sosa. Location: The Center, 946 N. Mills.
Pho Hoa, 649 E. Primrose Drive
Andrew Spear, #Wingstowalls mural for Red Bull, N. Mills Avenue and Lake Highland Drive
Dolla $hort, Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.
Horsebites, at Se7en Bites, 207 N. Primrose Drive
Andrew Spear, Hideaway Bar, 516 Virginia Drive
Andrew Spear, Sam Flax, 1800 E. Colonial Drive
“Milk Wings” by DelaCruz, Milk District Orlando, 2424 E. Robinson St.
The Milk Bar Mural, Harmonious Universe project, 2424 E. Robinson St.
“The Princess of Orlando” Orlando City Soccer Club mural by Dr. Ze at Dexter’s, 808 E. Washington St.
The West Art District, 1011 W. Central Blvd 
Thornton Park Parking Garage 120 N. Eola Drive

These are just a few great areas to go see! Enjoy your self-guided art tour of Orlando! Till next time blondies! 


The Nifty Blonde


Lunching & Brunching in Orlando: where to eat, where to drink.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post you’re either A: a tourist, B: hungry, or C: both. Here is my very opinionated list of my favorite restaurants in Orlando with suggestions on what to eat; oh and if you’re a vegan, don’t worry I got you covered too.

Sunday Brunch:

Not too far from The Milk District is a place called Pizza Bruno, yes they have great pizza but their Sunday brunch is… AMAZING. I’ve never had anything bad here.

If you’re feeling bourgeois, head over to Winter Park, a historic neighborhood north of downtown. If you want a really good brunch and price isn’t an issue, Boca Kitchen, Bar & Market is a great place to brunch and they have $15 bottomless mimosas. What to order: Chicken and Waffles

The BriarPatch is arguably the best breakfast or lunch on Park Ave. Home to my favorite Eggs Benedict, the “BriarPatch Benedict”. Take your time to get there because no matter what you’ll be waiting in line. Unlike most brunch places, they’re open until 5pm.

If you’re downtown, Artisan’s Table or The Stubborn Mule are my favorite brunch spots.

Weekday lunch spots downtown:

Dexter’s of Thornton Park, what to order: The Dexter’s Special. Dexter’s is always a good time. Their Sunday brunch is really good too! There are 3 other locations throughout Orlando.

If you want a really good burger, Downtown PourHouse, is my favorite place to get one. They have several options, and don’t forget to order the loaded fries!

Tin & Taco, best quick service taco joint in Orlando. Get the “Tacosoarus” you’re welcome.
Pho Hoa, in Little Veitnam off Colonial Drive. My favorite place to get Pho. The building is also surrounded by street art so if you’re into street art, its an added bonus!

White Wolf Cafe, this place has really good breakfast and really good lunch. It’s in the Ivanhoe District which is super cute, complete with local bars and antique shops. There is also a public park that is nice to stroll through if the weather is pleasant.

My favorite vegan spot, Dandelion Communitea Cafe. This place is so cute and so good! My favorite thing to order is the Mediterranean bowl with hummus.

Another great vegan spot is the Market on South. P.S. the bakery inside the market has the best donuts ever!

Drinking like a local:

Near the Ivanhoe District is Mills 50. This artsy side of town has several bars that are fun to “Sunday Funday” at. A few of my favorites are Santiagos Bodega, The Matador, and The Guesthouse. All three of these bars are within walking distance of each other.

If you’re into beer, Ten10 Brewery is right there on Virginia and The Brass Tap is in the Plaza down the street from Santiagos and The Matador.

If you’re into wine, Quantum Leap winery is also within walking distance.

It would be impossible to name all the great local spots in Orlando, but these are the first ones to come to my mind when I’m in the mood for good food. Till next time blondies!


The Nifty Blonde